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Application for a licence for the German version of ASCOT and ASCOT-LL

A licence from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna (short: WU), as licensor, is required to use the German version of ASCOT.


  • The licence is free of charge for the non-commercial use of the German version of ASCOT (e.g. non-commercial research projects or use in care organisations of the non-profit or public sector).
  • If you would like to receive a licence for the commercial use of the German version of ASCOT (e.g. to generate income with ASCOT or to use ASCOT in for-profit care organisations), a fee is required. For more information on the fee, please contact ascot-deutsch@wu.ac.at.

In the case that it is unclear whether the proposed use of ASCOT requires a commercial or non-commercial licence, please first contact WU (ascot-deutsch@wu.ac.at) before applying for a licence. Please provide details on the planned use, on the proposed project/study and on the organisation applying for the licence.


To obtain a licence for the German version of ASCOT you must fill in this registration form.

This form can only be completed by a person who has the authority to consent to the terms and conditions of the ASCOT licence.

The application does not entitle you to a licence. The WU reserves the right to reject applications for a licence at their own discretion.

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